About Our Drone Racing Team

Here at Cape Fear Raceway, we are home to a successful team of drone racers who are passionate about this unique and fun sport. We are always looking to promote the practice of drone racing and get more people involved. We began the team several years ago when we noticed a significant interest in drone flying and learning new maneuvers. We believed that many people would enjoy not only flying drones, but also racing them, and so we decided to start hosting events to test the concept out. As drone racing became more popular, we decided to start our own team.

Our drone racing team has won many events since its inception, both as a group and individually. We practice together frequently to improve our skills and learn new flying maneuvers, and we also host workshops to help teach newbies the basics of drone flying. If you are interested in getting involved with our drone racing team, we encourage you to come practice flying with us and see if you enjoy it. If you click with the group after a few sessions and can commit to regular practice, you’ll be added to the team. While it helps to have your own drone, you don’t necessarily need one – we have many basic flying drones that are owned by the team that you can use for practice.

Interested in watching our drone racing team in action? We welcome spectators to come join us for our events. We post information about our events regularly, so be sure to stay up to date by checking this website as well as our social media pages. We appreciate having our fans come to cheer us on as we race, and we love showing off our favorite flying maneuvers.