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How to Repair Your Drone

It is very frustrating for a drone enthusiast to watch his flying camera get smashed into pieces after crashing badly on the ground. It is terrible to see an expensive toy ricocheted in the air before descending erratically on the ground accompanied by an alarming sound. Picking up a broken drone can be as emotional as saying goodbye to an ailing pet. But don’t worry. Everyone else has experienced having drones crashed and broken into pieces at least one.

If your drone crashed, what can you do? Here is some advice for you:

Return The Drone To The Manufacturer

Sending your drone back to the manufacturer should be your last option. There is a lot of processes to be done before they can send you a new one. The turnaround time lasted for weeks even months. Some manufacturer will send you not a brand new drone but a slightly used or a refurbished one. This can be a very frustrating experience.

Have A Repair Shop Fix It

If you are not techie enough to understand the circuits inside the aircraft, better rush to a drone repair center and have them fix it. The parts destroyed might be more than what you can see. Check the manufacturer’s website and see if there is an authorized service center near you.

For minor repairs, some of the spare parts needed to be replaced can be covered by the warranty. However, the technician can charge you for his labor if he did difficult things to restore your pricey toy. Paying for the spare parts and labor sounds better than sending the drone back to its manufacturer for replacement.


If some physical parts were removed or cracked and putting it together by bondage can fix it, go ahead.  If you just need to install simple components, you can just follow the instruction on the manual or some YouTube videos on how to put them back. Some spare parts of the drones are available in the store where you bought it. If it is not available there, check eBay.

Again, only try to fix simple parts. Beyond that, don’t bother. Chances are you will potentially destroy it even more than fixing it.  If it crashed so badly and you can almost see the inside components come outside, go to the store and have a technician fix it. If fixing it means you need to shed $600 or $700, better replace the entire drone. Or sell the scrap on eBay in exchange for some money you can use to buy another one.

If you want to fix it anyway and need professional instruction, here is what you can do. Go to the website of your aircraft manufacturer. For example, if you have Parrot AR Drone 2.0, go to Parrot website then go to support link. Under the support page, select the icon for your drone model. The website for repairing Parrot AR Drone 2.0 will appear. Follow the steps and see if you can do it yourself.



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